All You Need Is Love…TAKE 9

Oh gosh what do I love today? I have no idea, I’m slacking…

Okay I’ve got one…my Elton John Pandora station…I LOVE IT!

I’ve never had to tell it I don’t like a certain song, I love them all…

Sir Elton, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, Billy Joel, Stevie Nicks….Love them all.

I promise I sing and dance around to this station more than any other one I have (and I have a lot)

Tonight when my mom and I were rocking out to it, Candle in the Wind, came on which made me a little sad because I instantly thought of Princess Diana, but then that made me think of that huge green suitcase I have off all the magazines, books, newspapers and other memorabilia I have of her and then I just laughed.

oh yeah and becs I thought of you and your classic rock station…the suburban, the broken door handle, the tanning salon and the classic rock station…what a life!


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