Mother Moment

*post from 2 yrs ago…I guess its finally safe to post…its pretty funny too*

Saturday my mom came home and reported she had a mom moment. I was pretty sure she had left the keys in the front door again or something but no, like she said she had a mom moment…a moment only a mother of a single 26 yrs could have. Usually my mom is pretty respectful of my single status but more and more I feel she is iching to get rid of me, arrange marriage if needs be.

So Saturday…now i will cut my mom a bit of a break, had the other mom not brought the subject up my own mothers moment would have never happened but of course it did. Topic of the mother moment, a hopefull relationship involing me and the other mothers son. Of course I’ll remain silent concerning the name of this guy but if you knew the name and knew the history you too would find it very amusing.


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