To Set the Record Straight

*another old post dying to be published*

I’m by no means an expert on Europe but I do know somethings, so when I see the opportunity to set the record straight I feel the need to do it. Like when my father insist on still refearing to the country Czechoslavokia (the country split into Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1992) or when my friend interchanges the term English and British believing they are one in the same (or maybe he just does it to drive me crazy) I just can’t let the opportunity pass to set it all straight.

So the lesson today is concerning the terms English and British…

First point, you can be English and British but you can’t be English and Welsh or English and Scotish. To be English means you are from England. England is not really a country, they don’t even have a proper parliament, although the Welsh and Scottish do. So lets be clearn, the country the English reside in is United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland not simply England.

Each of the four “countries” of the UK are inheritly different and unique so indeed something can be English and just English. I’m sure if I had traveld the country a bit more I could better give examples of this. But its kind of like East coast West coast in the US, there are obviously similaries and lots of differences but still united.


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