oh Monday, you’ve done me wrong

My feet are freezing, ice cold, and my nose is running, and its Monday.  It really isn’t Monday’s fault that my day has been no good. No, I think it more appropriate to blame the incompetent office lady I had to deal with this morning.

When I saw my classroom was in the portables I immediately felt dread. I knew that when I walked out into the rain and made my way over to the room the door would be locked. And sure enough it was. See this particular high school has a ‘we don’t unlock the doors for our subs, we let them find another teacher to do it for them’. Its a bit ridiculous but for the most part it works, it works until it comes to the portables, then it doesn’t work at all.  Most of the teachers in the portables are also coaches and therefore aren’t around to unlock the door for the poor, sad, wet sub.  Did I mention it was raining?  Yes nice ice cold rain.  So I ran from one portable to the next with no luck.

Then, I booked it back to the office trying to avoid the puddles but inevitably stepping in a few.  Cold, wet feet! Good thing I had a bit of a walk before I got to the office because I was highly annoyed.  I sub at several schools and this is the only school with the ‘we don’t unlock the doors for our subs, we let them find another teacher to do it for them’ so I know there is a better system,  and I wanted nothing more than to inform the incompetent office lady of, but I did not.  I asked very nicely for my door to be unlocked and she got on the walkie talkie and asked for “someone” to unlock portable 1A.  Really she just asked “someone”.  Do you know what happens when you just ask “someone” instead of specifically asking someone?  No one comes!  And thats exactly what happened.  I waited around for a while before braving the cold and rain to check on the door and yep it was still locked.  I then took to asking every non-English speaking custodian if they had keys to unlock a portable.  I still not really sure what any of them said to me but it wasn’t positive.  By this point I was so over the day, of course that wasn’t really an option.  So I tried no more time to search out a teacher in a portable and finally success!

I just don’t think a day should every be like this, let alone a Monday.  Usually, I have nothing wrong with Monday, in face I still have nothing wrong with Monday.  I just have something wrong with cold feet.


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