Do you enter giveaways? I probably enter about 7 a week, thus far I have had no success but I am still hopeful.  But I have some giveaway rules for myself…

1. I refuse to be the first to leave a comment….in fact I refuse to be within the top 5.

2. I won’t enter unless its something I actually want.  I would hate for my luck to work on some silly item I have no use for.

3.  Sometimes, there are ways for you to be entered more than once, I never do it, just once for me.  Maybe its because I am lazy and maybe I just think it wouldn’t actually help my odds (although yes I understand that mathematically it would).

Every week there are items I really wish I could win but when I don’t its ok because the next week has equally as awesome giveaways….someday I will WIN!


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