The Wednesday Edition

* Caroline requested my detective services today because she knows I’ve got skills when it come to stalking.  I’d just like to say I was successful! Now where can I put that on my resume?

* I haven’t watched Idol for two weeks and it feels great!

* I watched Fried Green Tomatoes last night, I love that movie. But more than that I love the South! The whole time Caroline and I were in Mississippi we kept telling each other we want to live in the South, the real South, not Texas South.  Savannah, GA thats my dream.  Its Southern and close the beach….perfection!

* When Kaitlin started tennis she really was no good at all, in fact it was almost painful watching matches.  But that was last yr and now she’s a champ.  After playing tennis with her last night I can pretty much assure you that she has surpassed my tennis skills.

* Speaking of tennis, I’ve got to get better! I really love playing and if I can’t beat Kait then at least I’ve got to beat the mother.

* Anyone got a good recipe for Mussaman Curry?  I had some last week at a restaurant and wanted to recreate it but it just wasn’t right.  I should probably know better than to get Indian or Thai or any kind of ethnic recipe from places like Martha or Food and Wine.  They just don’t maximize the flavors of the spices, they really over simplify it, at least thats what I think.


One thought on “The Wednesday Edition

  1. Liney says:

    Lets move to the dirty south and be southern belle's for life!!!

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