Split Personality

My name is Magen and I have a split personality.  There is wintertime Magen and summertime Magen (because when its not winter in Texas then its summer and visa versa).  I’ll be honest, wintertime Magen is down right dull, all she is interested in is sleeping and staying warm and the limited sunlight just seems to encourage it.  This wintertime has seemed especially boring, she picked staying in over going out more than once.  But then it starts to warm up and pop, summertime Magen is here.  Summertime Magen is almost an exact opposite of its cold weather friend. All summertime Magen wants to do is be outside, plan kite flying excursions, eat yummy things off the grill and be social.  Its like a light just switched on and meaning was added to her life again all because I can wear shorts and flops.

ps…don’t you love the 3rd person talk…I usually hate when other people do it but felt it funny this one time.


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