The Wednesday Edition

* Last night I dreamed I was in Prague, it was as magical as I remembered it.  

* Today it was a perfect 85 outside and I’m pretty sure I got a little tan.

* Since I left the Dirty South, all I’ve wanted to do is watch a John Grisham movie and low and behold A Time to Kill is on tonight.  

* If someday I wrote a book and you showed up as a character in it how would you feel?

* Did you know that the average person spends $6 on Easter cards…Easter falls 5th in card sending…this is all very odd to a person who has never sent an Easter card.  

* Is Rosie really going to be the new Oprah?  I really hope not.  I find her super annoying and super unattractive and I just won’t be able to watch her face everyday or any day for that fact. 

* I wish I could be in Krakow for the next 2 weeks…more on that later. 


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