Bestest Friends

I hung out with my favorite 4yr 5yr old and his brothers this weekend. I’ve decided that the reason why the 5 yr old and I get along so well is because we ARE the same person.  Honestly if 5 yr olds could take Myers Briggs I am sure it would say he’s an ENFJ, just like yours truely.  And I am 90% positive his love language is words of affirmation.  See, the same! Anyways we had soooo much fun together.  I loved his stories and his soccer skills and his return to the swimming school, it made me a bit sad I don’t get to spend every waking hr with him anymore.  
“You’re my bestest friend, thats better than a best friend!” 
*yes thats what he said to me…its amazing the celebrity status you can get with the Penny and Bolt song*

One thought on “Bestest Friends

  1. Liney says:

    awwww!! SO CUTE!!

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