New Shoes

I have this thing about tennis shoes…
I don’t like them…
I guess I just hate the way they look so I only find them necessary for working out in…
and since my workout time is not significantly large it has been hard for me to warrant buying a new pair when there are so many others things I would rather buy…
but recently I’ve noticed the old shoes just haven’t been cutting it..
and really how could they when I’v had them for so many years…
so Saturday I upgraded and finally bought a new pair…
my feet are very happy to have new shoes that won’t rub new blisters every time I wear them…
and i actually think they look pretty decent (although don’t except me to be wearing them out any on a Friday night)     

Very very sad old shoes!  

Very pretty new shoes!

3 thoughts on “New Shoes

  1. Rebecca says:

    Your new shoes are adorable!

  2. No wonder you didn't want to work out at all… I wouldn't want to either if I had to wear those old shoes. 😉 I love the new ones. Very nice. 🙂

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