It Was Good Day

Today was good…strike that, VERY GOOD! 
I opened this morning…have I told you I love my new life at Nordies…I LOVE shopping with ladies…and I love having the whole upstairs at my disposal to dress them…its just like one big giant closet…
I was recognized at the morning meeting for being #8 sales girl from the day before…
Sold the crap out of dresses…maybe enough to make it in the top 10 again… 
Shopped with some really lovely ladies…I love nice people!!!
My manager approved my vacation time in September… 
My dad okayed my Birthday/Christmas advance…  
Ran into a good friend from high school and had a little catch up…
Cooked a delicious dinner for Kait and I…
Realized I have just 2 weeks until CALIFORNIA!
And to top it all off I booked an amazing ticket to St.Thomas for September…I AM SOOOO EXCITED…and you better believe I’ll be coming home with more Magen’s Bay shirts then you could ever imagine!  


One thought on “It Was Good Day

  1. Natalie says:

    What!?! Why? With who?!? DETAILS girl!!

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