My English Friend

I had a classmate in Exeter named Carla.  Carla was one of my two “true” English friends.  She drank high tea everyday, spoke with a very proper accent and refused to try my gourmet Frog Eye Salad.  We became good friends during our dissertation writing, I wrote on Serbian Nationalism and she wrote on German female memory of WWII.  She was also quite into linguistics and I only spoke English.  Nevertheless, we spent our summer by the pool, swimming laps, sipping drinks at Old Firehouse, keeping warm in Bostons, and living for weekly BBQ’s.  Carla and I even were with each other when we submitted our dissertations.  

Well today as I was doing some work and listening to my pandora my skype started ringing and low and behold it was Carla.  For as good as friends as we became in Exeter we’ve been rubbish at staying in contact but today we caught up on the last 3 years.  She lives a fabulous life in Paris working as and Assistant Editor for a publishing house.  It makes me happy to know that after all this time we can pick up and have a wonderful conversation.  I appreciate all my friends for different reasons and one reason I really appreciate Carla and my other Exeter friends is for their willingness to talk British and Euro politics with me. And how fun is it to skype with someone and see their face?  Its almost like you’re talking face to face.  And how fun is it for your friend to give you a tour of her Parisian flat while sitting in our room in Texas?  
Dissertation Day…Standing in the lobby of the Amory building for the last time…

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