What I Think You Meant To Say Was…

* I was watching Girl Meets Dress the other day and this bride had a breakdown while trying on dresses…once she composed herself she explained that at that moment standing in her wedding dress she felt completely vulnerable and thats what had caused her to be emotional…BUT what think she meant to say was that it all felt surreal and thats why she got emotional…or maybe brides do feel vulnerable, I don’t know I’ve never been one…but pretty sure feeling vulnerable could not be a positive thing…I think she was mistaken…

* I was reading someone blogs…someone I don’t even know (surprise surprise) and she was blogging about her experiences at the World Cup…and over and over again she kept calling the experience LIFE CHANGING…which while I am sure is an amazing experience, I would pretty much call BS on saying its a “life changing” experience…a once a life time opportunity, possibly….but probably best described as a great experience…one should really be mindful before stamping an experience as “life changing” eps when they have yet to get back to real life…

* Last night my coworkers and I witnessed two rowdy 7 yr olds run around…for a minute it was entertaining but then they became annoying and really disruptive…they were running up and down the escalator and then started pulling the pants down on one of the lady mannequins’…when the store manager approached them they just ran away and shouted that their mom said they could play upstairs…and when the manager continued to follow them the ringleader of the 2 shouted for her to stop following them…when boys eventually ended up downstairs and the manager was able to explain to the mom how they had been acting while unsupervised the mom simply said to them “boys I told you not to act crazy” or something like that…oh yeah and she said that without even pausing in her browsing….see what I think she should have said was,”I am so sorry  my boys were acting like that, I apologize for their behavior.”…yep pretty sure that would have been better or at least shown she actually cared…      


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