Note to Self

Do not watch sad and depressing war movies because they will then make you sad and depressed….

Stay away from iTunes when you are tired and need a distraction from sleep…it will save you money… (although the music selection was indeed great)

Do not look stay up til 1am when you have to woo customers the next morning with your agreeable personality…

Stop fixating on what you are going to pack, wear, read, listen to and eat on your upcoming trip next month…there could be no better way than to have the next 30 days drag on painfully slow than doing exactly this…

Speaking of trips…you must stop envisioning sharks swimming under your feet…it will indeed put a damper on your beach time…

You must stop buying clothes…there is literally no more room on my closest or dresser….

You must also stop thinking about icing…yes as in cake icing…remember it is not WW approved…(k seriously like every time i open the refrigerator the container of icing falls to my feet…it is like it knows it is my weakness)



One thought on “Note to Self

  1. Emily says:

    Hahah you're hilarious.

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