A Pain in My Neck

Well actually the pain is in my shoulder….a real pain…a pain that started a month ago and still is here…it has grown into this strong constant pain that seems to be spreading across my entire back…at first I was convinced I had slept on it wrong…and now my theories range from an overly heavy purse, to stress to my most current explanation involving a tumor…I just don’t know what it could be and I just don’t know how to fix it…I’ve applied IcyHot, hooked myself up to the muscle stem, tried to change my sleeping habits, iced it and still no relief…if anything these things have only seemed to agitate it…ahhhh…and have I told you the pain is not limited to use…oh now, sometimes I just throbs for no apparent reason at all…I just don’t know what to do anymore… acupuncture? message? meditation? All options I’ve considered but have not decided on… I know you all are full of wisdom so what can you offer me? A great reward awaits anyone with the feeling antidote…possibly a Magen’s Bay t-shirt….

ps…3 more Sundays til paradise….


3 thoughts on “A Pain in My Neck

  1. BriANDaleen says:

    I'm sure you already have, but have you tried a chiropractor?

  2. Simply Sandy says:

    Try getting a trigger point massage. I get the same pain about every six months or when I'm really stessed, because of an extremely tight knot in my shoulder. I usually tough it out till the pain subsides (sometimes months later) but my massage theropist friends say trigger point will relieve it.

  3. stuffninfo says:

    I second the chiropractor suggestion. I go to a chiropractor when I have tension/pain in my shoulder, and it is wonderful.

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