* If every customer I helped was like my new friend Michelle, then I would have the best job in the world!

* Why buy a car charger when you can talk the guys at T-Mobile into charging your phone in the back while you shop the mall….

* CRAZY….thats all I’ve got to say about her…

* What book to I read in St.Thomas…you know I’ll have to have something for the beach…I just don’t know if I go fiction or non-fiction…maybe one of each…that would be a nice balance…and it just so happens I have 2 enticing books on my shelf…

* All I can think of is Paris…thats what makes me think we will 5…yeah I am that glass half empty kind of girl…

* Turns out counting is not everyone forte…In fact its down right difficult for some…for more detail pls ask me about last night inventory experience…and yes leaving Nordies at 1am after an 11 hr day is totally awesome!

* I’ve been reading about shark attacks…more on that later…


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