St. Thomas was AMAZING! Yep thats right, AMAZING! Of course amazing isn’t hard to find when you are sitting on an island. But really it was magical.  We went as a group of 6, some of us as strangers, others as best friends, but in the end we all left loving every minute we spent with each other (well I guess I can only speak for myself but pretty sure the rest of them felt the same).  I actually found myself going through withdrawals from our little group when I got home.  Now I thought about giving you a play by play of our daily events but lets be honest that would have taken me forever and you probably wouldn’t have read it anyways.  So I’ve decided to leave you with pics and captions…minimal reading with visual excitement…figured I couldn’t go wrong with that.
The Group @ Magen’s Bay…My namesake! 
Namesake Proof 
Hotel Beach 
Dinner @ Green House 
The Ladies at Coral World…LOVE these ladies! 
My Favorite Fair Skinned Brit 
Coki Point…We LOVED this beach 
Oh Bob
Pretty Kelly 
Coki Point
Coki Point
Coki Point
Feeding the Fish @ Coki Point
Sailing to St. John
Todd(looking super cool) and Megan 
Lunch at Honeymoon Bay 
The Group! 

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