* 28 or…(I’ll leave the rest up to your ability to rhyme)
* Why do teachers require you to purchase expensive textbooks when they just link you articles you should read…
* I’m all about being optimistic but not for the sake of overlooking reality…$11k, not likely…
* I have a tendency to be irrational  and overreact when something is first suggested to me…want proof you should have been on the other end of my phone call today at say 11:30…
* Autumn came to play today…it was LOVELY…
* Its Sunday, I plan to sleep on Thursday…you do the math…



One thought on “

  1. Misti says:

    OH SHOOT, I had it on my calendar and everything to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and TOTALLY forgot!!!!!! Happy Belated Birthday!!! Love ya~

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