The Day Finally Came…

My mom had been threatening to cancel our U-verse for quite sometime, really for a long time but we never thought she was serious…especially in fall, the time of great college football BUT she did it.  Shocking, I know! Monday night I felt like dead man walking knowing that in the morning it would be gone.  And do you know the worst of all? I couldn’t even spend my last night enjoying in the TV…curse me an my procrastination and my silly homework.  I thought it couldn’t be that hard giving up TV after all I only watch 4 shows religiously, House, The Middle, Modern Family and Gray’s but then think of all those nothing shows you watch when you are getting ready for the day or just trying to unwind…now that will be hard to give up.

So thats where Netflix comes in…bless it! Today I spent far to long watching West Wing…have you heard me profess my love for the show? Oh and have I told you how much I love Josh Lyman…he might be my perfect man…and Toby and Sam aren’t to bad either…if only they were real!  Then the other day my friend Kristen told me I should watch Dexter so tonight I am trying it out on instant play…so far so good…good recommendation Kris.

This whole no TV thing might be really great but then again I might spend just as much time watching instant play…why do I love TV so much? or really why do I love the distraction so much?    


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