3 Things….

I am sitting in Study Room #1 at the library…its my new favorite place…I come here and just work and work and work…this is what has come to my mind in the last couple of minutes….

* oh my gosh I have to go to the bathroom SOOOOOO BAD…but I can’t just leave my stuff chillin’ in the room with no one to watch it….what do i do? what do i do?…I’m thinking I just better keep on for a little while longer then I’ll peace out, relieve myself, possibly eat something and then come back to my favorite little room tonight… 
* “I tend to overreact to minor problems?” that was a question on my emotional intelligence test this afternoon…I almost LOL’ed…that might be the perfect description of me…Hi, my name is Magen Rabatin and I tend to overreact to minor problems…

* I’ve decided after looking at lots of little photography blogs and watching Say Yes to the Dress, that there are a lot of pretty ladies married to lots of not so pretty guys…seriously I don’t know how these ugly guys tricked these beautiful ladies into marrying them…makes me rethink my whole marriage strategy…  


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