*Play by play status updates of the rangers games are almost reason enough for me to delete my account…or at least delete annoying status-ers… 

*Can caramel corn count as international cuisine? 
* Yesterday i had this thought, it went something like this….I am soo soo sooo soooo glad I won’t be working in retail for ever….(this is not to say I don’t like my job but you know what I mean)
* Is it bad that I would rather drink my lunch than eat it? Somehow a large diet coke from McD’s brings me more satisfaction than anything else. 
* I am getting a new sister…a sister I’ve always wanted…a German/Lithuanian sister…Kait’s foreign exchange student friend is moving in… 
* Life is always better when Pandora plays me a little Radiohead… 
*  I helped a future bride find her dress yesterday…I had to refrain from asking the words, “Is this your dress?” 
* How do you tell me you’re looking for a simple dress and then pick up the loudest and most obnoxious sequences dress we have…logic? 
* I submitted part of my homework assignment 10 mins ago and its already been graded…thats pretty fast…I am starting to think that she doesn’t even read them…well that in the fact that I always get perfect scores.   

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