In Case You Were Wondering….

I am doing much better today…
Last night was a freak out…
Today I realized with some hard work and limited social interaction it can all be done…(pls remember I did manage to write an absurd amount on Serbian Nationalism once upon a time)
I can pass my two tests, make straight A’s and work all at the same time…
And thats exactly what I intend to do…
Today I went to the store and bought all the necessary binders and notebooks to get myself organized..
That was step one…
Next I’ve got to work on getting my state test requirements changed…honestly not looking forward to that…
But I’ve broken it all down and I’ve made a plan so all is well or at least much better than last night (Thank you Baylee for letting me rant)

Here’s the other big thing I’m thinking…
After this semester I will be entitled to a much needed vacation…
And well maybe that will make all this hard work worth it!


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