Did You Know?

Did you know that after I am done with my student teaching next year I have every intention to escape to a land far away?  Yes its true.  Sometimes I need to remind myself that all will not be as it is forever.  All I’ve wanted to do this week is to book a ticket and runaway but well thats just not a wise thing to do and I know if I am patient I’ll travel to my hearts content again.

A while back I got it in my head that I really wanted nothing to do with teaching in a traditional public American high school. This was quite troublesome after going through all that hard work to get into my teaching program so I got to thinking there must be a way for me to solve this dilemma.  My dilemma with teaching really has nothing to do with teaching at all just the flawed system I would have to deal with in the US.  Thats when I got the idea that I could teach in an American curriculum school aboard! GENIUS! Teaching + International living= Brilliant!

Since then I have found a number of appealing schools I would love to teach in.  Today the top of the list is a school in Israel although there are some schools in the UAE giving it a run for its money.  And of course the school in Krakow or London would be a dream.

These happy thoughts just give me the motivation to keep on despite every bone in my body that wants to give up.  And keeps me from buying over priced plane tickets.              


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