Hey Remember That Time…

I took a river raft down a foreign river… the water flowed somewhere between Poland and Slovenia…the guide didn’t speak English and Polish speaking girls wouldn’t translate….Harriet brought a hard boiled egg (which she eat half way down the river) and it rained a very cold rain on us…

how about that time we found ourselves atop of Untersberg Mountain…2 Americans ladies and 1 French man…the only sane was down was to take the cable car down just as we had come…the only insane one was to “run” down the mountain…us ladies opted for the cable car…the French man did not…
I am please to announce that soon you will be able to read about the like of these and many more stories like them in my new blog devoted to all things Europe.  I came to my attention when writing about European migration the other day that few things get me as excited as does the mention of Europe even when it has to do with sometime as seemingly dull as migration patterns.  I just love Europe.  And to be honest sometimes I feel like I’m losing touch with it, as in the academic side of it. Remember when I was a European Studies student and I could list all the EU countries according to accession date and debate a need for a EU figure head.  So this new blog with have a mix of my memories plus I’ll also share interesting things that are happening there.  Oh its going to be a good time.  
Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Why is Magen starting a new blog when she hardly ever updates her current one?” Well folks I just am.  To be honest theres not much going one in my real life right now.  I go to work and I do school work, that basically takes up all my time.  Plus I want these two blogs to be separate.  I’ve just started working on the other one and since I decided to go with a different blog service its taking me a bit longer to get it to my liking but as soon as its ready there will be a big unveiling!   

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