True Story

*remember how I started my weight loss challenge well I bet if I were to report right now I'm afraid I would say I failed miserably…at least for the last two days…but that's what happens when your best friend is in town and you take her to all of your favorite restaurants…but today I'm back on track…

* this week I've been thinking I couldn't have picked a worse profession's to go into…

* I'm completely torn…keep my hair long or chop it off…

* we had the most beautiful waiter last night at blue…I think I'll go to blue more often..

* I don't know how to care about things I just don't care about…

* Neil Young's Harvest Moon is my favorite new song…

* I laid in my bed til 11 this morning…it was heaven even though it meant I didn't get anything done…

*Caroline was in town and I managed to only take one picture


2 thoughts on “True Story

  1. Liney says:

    how did we not take more pics?

  2. Cause you girls were too busy getting into party mode! Mags, I totally want to hear about your weight loss challenge. Seriously, I am obsessed with biggest loser. I secretely really want to go on. Cadbury egg season is indeed a tough time to lose weight. Glad you girls had fun together!

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