Still At 1%

Ok so remember how I started my weight loss challenge 2 weeks ago?
Last week I loss 1% which was ok because Caroline had been here and we were eating like crazy.
Then comes this week and I am still at 1%….ahhhhh
Bright side I didn’t regress but come on this week I really worked hard.
I’ve been counting points, working out everyday, kicked snacking and have drank tons of water so why in the world I am in the same exact place?
I might have had a little break down and eaten more than one cookie because my world what did it even matter.
I’m doing better now and am trying to regroup.
I think I need to up the cardio so I’m tying a dance class tonight at the gym.
I am also wondering if the weight training countering the weight loss? Anyone have any thoughts.
And I think I need to switch my lunch to the bigger meal its just so hard to do when dinner has always been my main thing.
The one positive thing is that I am feeling better and healthier I just figure the weight loss will come.

Any thoughts about it all? Please share with me your wisdom!


One thought on “Still At 1%

  1. BriANDaleen says:

    If your gym offers Zumba, you should check it out! It burns TONS of calories and is so fun!!!

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