Warning Not all Dance Classes Are Equal

Since discovering my love for zumba and the great group classes at my gym I have this need to try as many as I can. Since starting I’ve tried “zumba” and “you can dance” they actually ended up being the same class with all the same moves.  Now I was in no way a graceful dancer but I was able to keep up with the instructor and not look like to much of a fool.  Queue Cardio Dance Party! Unlike the other previous classes this class actually required dance skills.  And guess what I do not have? DANCE SKILLS! OMG it was excruciating! The whole class was us learning an actual dance routine. It was just like I was on that high school dance team.  Except I never wanted to be on the dance team.  Lets just say that was the first and last time cardio dance party and me meet.  


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