We lost a distant family member this week.  Truth be told I can’t remember him at all, but I can picture his little sister from when we were younger and I am friends with his mom on facebook but when I tried to remember him my mind drew a blank.  I know I must have met him years ago at one of our big family reunions but I just couldn’t remember him.  And thats why I thought for as sad as it all was it had no immediate effect on me.  But then I started to think and as I tried to search for him in a distant memory my great grandparents came to mind because they weren’t just my great grandparents they were his too.  And as I remembered my great grandpas bolo ties and drinking grape juice in their kitchen and how pretty my great grandma always looked I couldn’t help but think that even though I couldn’t recall a memory with him in it that maybe we had shared some of the same memories about our great grandparents.  And it was that simple idea that drew that distant relation closer.      


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