A Couple Things

* Do you ever just step back and say “WHAT AM I DOING?” but not in the bad way more in the oh my gosh how did I ever get here this is hilarious way…or in the am i getting punked way…or in the man they couldn’t write stuff as entertaining as this way?  yeah thats kind of the stage I’m in…

* 12 minutes on repentance may or may not seem like an eternity…12 minutes…surely these talks I’m reading by far more qualified individuals aren’t even 12 mins…

* I told the lady at New York and Co today that her store was ghetto…of course do to her total lack of customer service she didn’t even acknowledge that I was speaking…I probably should have spoken up a little louder maybe that would have gotten her attention..

* Its the Bluebonnet Picnic this Sunday and I’m so exited…if only a 12 min talk didn’t stand between the picnic and I…  


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