A Picnic in the Bluebonnets…

Today a group of us made the trek over to Ennis to enjoy the lovely fields of Bluebonnets.  When planning the trip I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to celebrate Jessica and Harvey’s birthdays with a posh little picnic complete with a cheese ball, vegetable kebabs, an assortment of chesses, kettle chips, sparkling juice and gourmet cupcakes.  I am here to report that the picnic was a complete SUCCESS! It was bright and sunny the hills were a rolling blue of flowers, just lovely! I’ve now deemed the Bluebonnet Picnic an annual event! Now pics for your viewing pleasure…

Posh Picnic 
Sarah and Me 
Jessica the Birthday Girl 
Harvey the Birthday Boy 
Branden and Me 
Texas Countryside 
Pretty Ladies 
Our nature lovers! 
The Group! 

One thought on “A Picnic in the Bluebonnets…

  1. Oh Mags, I am dying over the yellow dress. Seriously to die for cute. This all kinda reminds me of Emma or Sense and Sensibility or something. I like it:)

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