* Last night I perfected my baklava…I am not kidding you its the best baklava ever! Of course the biggest problem is I can’t stop eating the darn thing.  

* Last night I had my first snowball of the season… strawberry with gummy bears, my usual.  I took my sister and her friends and joked that Bedford Snowball would forever ruin any other snowball for them because they really are that good.  
* The school year is nearly done and I couldn’t be more happy…I am just sad that I still have certification tests.  
*Nordies and I made it to the 1 year mark this week…which is quite amazing if you knew the thoughts that constantly run through my head about that place.  Here’s something funny…Last Spring my catch phrase was belt it…I was constantly telling ppl to belt things (kind of funny since I never belt things) and now this year I’m all about telling them to pair things with nude shoes and in winter it was all about textured tights….oh Nordies… 
* This week a huge box of Easter candy arrived from Germany…lets talk about my Rocher bunny…absolutely amazing! 

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