Game Plan

For years and years teaching has been that every stable and ever hiring profession. It seems there was always a need and always a demand.  Queue my rational to going back to school to invest more money so that I too could join the ranks of the teaching profession.  Now queue just months after my decision, massive budget cuts nation wide that have left schools cutting teaching jobs by the 100’s.

In the words of Alanis Morissette, “Isn’t it ironic, Don’t you think?”

How I managed to perfectly orchestrate both of these occurrences at the same time I have not a clue.  In some way I must be lucky. Really if I had a dime for every time people advised me to get my teaching certification because teaching was a “stable” profession well then I wouldn’t have had to worry about working at all.

So now here I sit, just one semester of student teaching standing between me and graduation and the prospect of a job is quite dismal.  Seriously the luck!  Of course this whole public education situation has only reassured me that I have no desire to be anywhere near it.  I’m sure that sounds quite funny, why would I get a teaching certification if I had no desire to teach but I would clarify that and say I have no desire to teach in public school.  When you think about teaching you assume public schools are the only route but turns out thats not true at all.  Since I started my certification my whole goal has been to teach in an American curriculum school and that still is the goal but those jobs are rather prestigious and require some experience so I’ve been thinking of how I can work towards this goal.

And thats when the thought occurred to me…I’ll go teach English and start to gain some international teaching experience.  My initial thought was South Korea and that is still definitely a possibility but for some reason the UAE sounds really appealing so maybe I’ll end up there.  I’m looking for a position that will start in January and really at this point I am totally willing to sign a 2 year contract with them if the price is right.  With my BA, MA and teaching certification I feel like I would be a desirable candidate.  Plus I’m going to add a TESOL certification.

I figure since there is currently no job market for teaching here it makes complete since to turn elsewhere.  I’m supper excited to see what will pan out.  Right now its a bit of a waiting game as everyone is hiring for the fall but in September I’ll start the massive search.  If anyone has any advice or insight into the process please fill free to share it with me.        


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