Today I got the results of one of my state tests and I…PASSED! Happiness! To be honest I felt pretty good about the test and would have been rather surprised had I not have passed.  If only I had the same confident feeling about the other test I had to take, I am still awaiting those results. I am just happy to know that I am one step closer!

And you know the more I’ve been thinking the more I really really really want to go to UAE next January…can we all start praying that happens?

In other news I tried TurboKick tonight…WOW…it was intense.  I spent half the time completely lost and kicking and punching at all the wrong beats…but I really loved it.  I love Zumba too but there is only one instructor I like, the others do to much shake your booty action and not enough cardio so I just needed something more…and I def found it with TurboKick..


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