Trips of Summers Past…

With all of my modules turned in, state tests taken and new hired all trained up at work I’ve finally started really looking forward to my summer vacation.  NYC never disappoints and I sure DC will live up to my expectations.  And I am getting really excited to see Anita, my gosh its been too long.  And Baylee and Caroline and Arnaud and maybe Ben plus some added bonus friends hanging out on the East Coast.  And being away from work for 10 days, well that will be heaven.  I’ve been drawing up some itineraries for the trip but I have to admit some of my best trips have been when things weren’t planned and I just went where ever the city lead me.

I was thinking about my trip to Salzburg with Anita and Arnaud.  We were desperately trying to get to Hellbrunn Palace so we could visit the trick fountains but we ended up on the wrong bus after wrong bus after wrong bus.  Turns out each time we got off the bus to early and this caused me a great deal of annexe and frustration.  At one point Arnaud convinced us to get off the bus to go discover another “palace.  We were quite surprised to discover the “palace” was in fact a cemetery.  It was rather funny even and added quite a bit of comic relief to tense situation.  

      Here we are at the “Palace”, I was still annoyed and decided not to turn around for the picture…I will admit it was a very lovely cemetery.  

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