Magen and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day…

The title of this post in fact has nothing to do with today, it actually is in reference to a Saturday several weeks ago.  One that could only be described exactly as title of this post, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Please let me recap the happenings of this such day…
It all started out with me waking before the crack of down so that I could take one of 2 big certification tests for teaching. At this point in the day I was optimistic of what laid in store for me.  I arrived at the testing center with enough time to spare but noticed as a turned into the parking lot that my tire pressure light had come on. Before I headed in I did a little quick check of my tires to see if I could tell which one might need air.  The quick observation lead me to believe it was the front right and also that I should think about investing in new tires soon because the tread was wearing thin.  Off I went to take my test.  If the first 7 questions weren’t an indication of how the day was to carry on I don’t know what was.  The test started off with geography questions, not where is Moldova type questions but questions I could barely make educated guesses at.  The rest of the test proceeded alright.  There were several I was unsure about but figured there were enough I was certain of to counter balance.  I made good time during the test, I even figured I could stop off for lunch before I had to go into work (which was really exciting since all I had for breakfast was a handful of animal crackers). 

I turned in my test and made my way to my car.  Before getting in I quickly glanced at the tires, the front right (the only I had thought needed air) looked a little low but nothing too alarming.  And then I saw it, a completely flat front left tire.  AHHHHHH After the shock of the tire wore off the panic of “I have no idea how to change a flat tire” set in.  My initial thought was to just wait it out and have Keith or my mom come meet me but they weren’t answering their phones.  Luckily my friend Michelle had been taking the same test with me and wasn’t far away so I gave her a call.  She quickly came to my rescue and we started the task of changing a tire.  More than ever I wished I had paid attention at those silly young women activities that went over basic car care, turns out even with a manual we were getting no where. Thats when Michelle flagged down my knight in shinning armor Steve who so kindly changed my tire.

Of course since this was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, the kicks kept on coming.  Turns out my spare was pretty much flat too but I made it to the gas station and got that sorted.  Even though I wasn’t scheduled to be at work for 45 more mins I called to let my manager to let her know about my situation and warned her I still might be late since I was driving on the doughnut.  Thats when I leaned the schedule had never been changed to work around my test and in fact I was at that point 15 mins late.  AHHHHHHH There went lunch and at that point I knew it was only a matter of time until my nerves became completely unraveled.  I went as fast as I could only little tire and made it there in pretty good time but I was all frazzled and pretty much looked like a complete mess.  I ended up getting two new tires basically because I needed them but still a very annoying added expense.  The day was super busy and I didn’t get to eat until after 4 and really nothing seemed to be going that great.  And then this really stupid thing happened at work which left me standing in an empty dressing room crying at that point I knew it was just time to call it a day and go home, so I did.

It was for all intent and purpose a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day….And what made it worse was that I felt that I hadn’t passed my test and it had all been pretty much in vain.  But I was wrong…



This whole teaching thing is starting to feel a lot more real…I survived 2 semesters of classes, 2 certification tests and now all I’ve got left is student teaching!  Then bada bing bada bo I’m a real deal teacher!

A real deal teacher in UAE…or NYC..or Korea…or Boston…or Hungry…or Israel….We shall see…



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