Just A Little Reminder

I might be 28 yr old but sometimes I still have to remind myself that no one is perfect…
Sad that I still need the reminder…
You would think that after all my interactions with the human race I would have picked that up by now…

I also have to remind myself that imperfection isn’t a bad thing…in fact its a very natural and normal thing…

Other than that I did NOTHING today…
Sure I felt a bit lazy but you know for the last 2 semesters nearly every one of my days off has been spent doing homework or studying for a test so I think I just needed a little down time.  Plus every time I leave the house I tend to spend money.  So instead Brooke and I watched some great instant play movies…one was a documentary on what New Yorkers go through to get their kids into preschool…it was great!  And then there were several episodes of Scrubs and a couple of Lobstermen.  I think all my laying around had a negative effect on my kick boxing…my gosh I thought I was going to DIE! Jessica and I found a great little smoothie place right next to the gym…that could be a problem.  And I arranged for a Joe T Garcia’s night, I love the atmosphere there even if the food is just so so. Now its back to work tomorrow…JUST 27 DAYS TIL VACATION!!!!!


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