Interesting Development…

So turns out that after 2 months of planning I no longer have my free sleeping accommodations in DC during my 4 day visit…
Quite a fun development…
Whats even better is just how expensive hotels are in DC…like really expensive.
And there is this traveler in me that just can’t justify the expense, I mean lets be honest its just a place to sleep and get ready…
Queue the ever appealing idea of a hostel…
I love hostels…like I really love them..thats not to say that every experience I’ve had with them have been great but still I love them.
And my world when you think one night in most of these hotels is more than 4 days in a hostel well thats appealing.
But its not a done deal yet…there are still some options to search before the hostel is booked…
If anyone has any hotel suggestions please send them my way!


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