3 out of 4

My stress level has been set at high lately as we’ve been working on hotel arrangements for DC…so expensive! Luckily we got a Marriott hook up and Baylee has been spared from staying in a hostel.  I kind of really liked the idea of staying in a hostel again.  Sure I love nice fluffy beds with showers located in the bathroom and not the middle of the room but I still really love hostels.

Of course our hotel arrangements aren’t perfect…basically we are staying at 2 different hotels..One Monday and then another Wednesday and Thursday…which if you’re good with your days of the weeks makes you question what we’re doing Tuesday…So we don’t have a place booked yet for Tuesday. We just might be staying at a hostel that night…I know Baylee is over the moon about that.  3 out of 4 isn’t bad…

This whole hotel situation has made me start to resent DC which is ridiculous, I know its going to be great.  If only Josh Lyman was a real person and if only Josh and I were friends then we could just stay with him.


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