Spinning Class

The following were some of my thoughts during this mornings spin class…
– “glad i’m getting the workout done early in the day”
– “i can’t believe how long its been since i’ve been to the gym…why am i just so lazy sometimes”
– “i really like spinning”
– “i should buy a bike then i could really cycle..i wonder how much that would cost”
– “i really really like spinning, i should try to do it everyday”
– “i’ve got an idea, i should bike across france or bavaria…oh my gosh that is a great idea…i wonder how many miles i could do a day”
-thinking bike trip “so i guess i could just bring my bike on the plane but what other supplies would i need?”

Those were all my thoughts during the warm up…
Queue first hill climb…
-“alright i’ll probably need to pick a relatively flat country to bike in”
– “ok really flat country”
– “why was biking around New York so much easier than this class?”
– “how am i suppose to know where 60% is?”

Halfway through the class…
– “i think i just need to come to terms with the fact that spinning class will always kick my butt…its meant to do that”

End of class…
– “what cycle around a foreign country…what ever happened to just laying on a beach…i think that would be much more relaxing”
– “and to think i’ll be back tomorrow to do it all again”


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