DC Day 1

* Landed in DC* 
*Greeted with an email from Ben saying he’d here there same time only tomorrow* 
*Walked around Dupont Circle…oh American President* 
*Check into our 1st of 3 hotels* 
* Cosi’s* 
* Lafayette Square* 
*White House*
*Washington Monument…Baylee’s flip flop broke…thankfully she rigged it up with a hair tie* 
* War Memorials and Monuments* 
*The 20 min walk that turned into and hr* 
* Reunited with Anita and Arnaud* 
* Bus ride to Georgetown* 
* Crepes for Dinner* 
*Long night time walk back to our hotel*

White House

Me + White House= Wheres Josh Lyman?

Washington Monument

Jefferson Memorial 

Lincoln Memorial

Baylee, Arnaud and Me hanging out at Georgetown

Dinner with the Group…


One thought on “DC Day 1

  1. Natalie says:

    I always think of American President when I hear Dupont Circle! hahaha… Ahhh…Cosi! Jealous!!!

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