And Moving On…

I felt I couldn’t start any other posts until I was done documenting my vacation.  Which ok, I’m sure not many of you were that interested in a day by day of my vacation but I just love find posts like that months later and reliving it all. So now that its all been documented it can move on an talk about all the other things that have been on my mind/going on.

Most important is next years travel plans.  See how that works, get home from one start planning the next.  But next year is a bit different as I’ll be turning 30…so it can’t just be any vacation, its got to be an adventure.  And so Belize it is! Rainforests, ruins and 2nd largest reef in the world…sign me up! I deemed my moto for the shoes, no shirt, no problem.  So how’s in? Really everyone is invited.  I do warn its not going to be a luxury vacation…remember its going to be an adventure.

Other news I got a nasty cold last week which is finally starting to leave.  Summer colds are no fun and it just wiped me out everyday.  I don’t think I worked a full shift for 4 days straight.  But now I’m getting better.  The 4th was nice.  I worked a half day and then got to enjoy the rest of the day with friends and family, eating Bedford Snowball and watching fireworks.  Work is in full swing.  We are in our busiest season…Anniversary Sale.  Its kind of exciting…kind of exhausting and a little bit fun.

Oh and I think that if the opportunity presents itself I would very much like to move to DC.  Of course thats still a way off but still….  


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