Harry Potter

Harry Potter Tickets are in hand…
Saturday will be the day…I’d ask you to save the ending from me but in fact I know how it ends.
It still makes me sad knowing that it will all be over…
Reading the last book was a bit traumatic for me as well…
Can I share a little secrete with you?
This actually doesn’t have anything to do with the series just with that it ended…
I read some blogs of people who I don’t know other than what they have decided to share with their readers…
Two of my blogger are moving or have already moved from places they have/ had loved…
And even though I don’t personality know them, my heart goes out to them…
I hate endings…
And even though I know they are necessary I still hate them.
And even though I knew Harry Potter would have to end at some point it still makes me sad.
Maybe J.K Rowling could do a 10 Year Hogwarts Reunion and we could get an update on everyone..
Because although the books have ended their lives still continue…at least that what I like to think…  


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