My Little Assistant

The other day at work I had one of my regulars in to shop.  Its always funny how a customer comes to become a regular. After helping so many different people its always refreshing to have those customers you have a relationship and know their style.  So this on Saturday my customer and her 5 yr old daughter came in.  I’ve met her daughter a couple of times and shes a doll.  The girl is wise beyond her years, its so funny to watch her pick out things for her mom and giver her opinions   She pretty much stayed by my side the whole appointment, I even let her wear my fitting room key and wear a silly lanyard.  Basically it was like she was playing in one of those kid museums except for that it was a real store.  I even let her help me scan some of the items and hand the bag to her mom. I almost started to feel as if I was breaking some kind of child labor laws but she was over the moon.  I figured anything to make her moms shopping excursion more pleasant was worth it.    


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