Oh My, Oh My

That’s all I’ve really got to say about this week…
Ok so maybe there are other things that I could say but probably best to stick with that…
But for as “oh my, oh my” this week might have been so glad that it was just that…I was definitely lucky to escape the straw that broke the camels back…and still I’m very happy for that…

This week I checked out the Picasso exhibit and came to the conclusion that there’s this boy in my ward that shares a striking resembles to the man…he’s even moody like I’m sure the artist was…no doubt this will provide much needed comic relief during church…

Oh and I watched a doc on the Berlin Wall…now don’t call me stupid…please don’t…but why had I never figured out that that West Berlin was literally a tiny island in the communist state…I had figured everything West of the city had been free…again please don’t call me stupid…but it blew my mind…

And its amazing what a new pair of workout clothes can do for you…and a red blazer…

I can already feel summer coming to a close…can I tell you a little secrete…I am terrified for what lies after it…its another one of those oh my, oh my moments..

And can I get a hallelujah for living in the age of modern technology? Thank you cell phones for making my world a better place…thank you for letting me talk to ppl all over the world at a drop of a dime…even if it doesn’t happen to be my dime…

Adele is coming here in October and tickets went on sale today…I had forgotten all about that until about 6 this evening…so happy I had or else I would have bought one..

I finished The History of Love this week and I hated it…which really sucked because I loved it up until the end…I guess that’s why I try to stay away from fiction, its always a disappointment but I still like I want to read it…so that’s why I decided to start with literary classics and see how that goes..



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