Did I Really Say That?

“Some of you will get married and some of you won’ but lets just say for the sake of this lesson none of you are getting married.”

Did I say this during my Relief Society lesson…yep, it seems like I did..

“Don’t ask boys out…I read about that once and it never works out..”

Yeah I said that too…

I think its safe to say I got some “You’re crazy” looks staring back at me during the lesson and really I don’t blame them.

Its just that I think that in the coming years there will be far more unmarried LDS women than the church has ever faced though through no fault of their own. And far too many of them will feel themselves a failure because of it. So they’ve got to make the decision now how they are going to play it out…is there marital status going to dictate their status in the church?

Well maybe that’s how it all played out in my head…not sure if I really got around to making that point in my class.

I also wanted to add some point about calling the single guys of the church in check. Like “Hey so are you carrying out all your duties…including dating…oh no? Why not?” Ha could you imagine? Someone probably would have placed a bounty out on my head after that…some non dating single near 30 LDS guy nonetheless.

Anyways here the talk my lesson was on…


One thought on “Did I Really Say That?

  1. Branden says:

    I loved reading this. I feel motivated to follow up with a blog post of my own.

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