This Week…

This week I commented on the blogs of two strangers…I figured why not!

This week I finally opened my monthly allotted account at work…all I’ve got to do is open one a month it really shouldn’t be that hard but since I put zero effort into it it becomes a little difficult…thankfully ppl ask me to open it for them without me even mentioning it…that was my luck this time…thank goodness!

This week I finally had some pictures made into 11×14 prints..they look amazing on my wall…and as a heads up Walgreens has a promotion all prints are 40% til the 30th. Just type in 40percent into the promotion space.

This week I cleaned my room…oh carpet I have missed you so…why is it so hard for me to keep my room clean?

This week I’ve really really really been thinking about how much I want to move to DC…please please please can this become a reality!

This week I have spent far too many hours watching Good Luck Charlie…what you’ve never heard of it? Well thats probably because you’ve graduated from Disney channel sitcoms…I have not. It actually reminds me of the good TGIF shows…and its seriously funny!

This week I started reading 2 books and then today I got an email from the library that the book I requested is no available. Too many options.

This week I was surprised to see a customer without shoes on…I thought the “no shoes, no shirt” thing was just a give in…guess not.

This week I went to a baseball game and didn’t watch one bit of the game…I did however eat some yummy food.

This week I went to spin class and managed to pick the bike from hell…for some reason there was only super easy and super super super hard…no middle…

This week my mom tried to stump me with a history question…silly her!

This week I hung out with some seriously cool people who just moved into my ward…Its funny for how like the last 4 years no one really cool has moved in (save a couple) then all the sudden we have this huge migration and in moves a ton of cool new people. LOVING IT! And I took them all the Yucatan’s…cause thats how I roll…


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