Whenever I hear David Gray it makes me want to run back to England.
Its not that I fell in love with him there or anything…I actually think I first started to listening to him when I was still in high school…
But I remember going to the campus movie theater in Exeter and watching Glastonbury, a movie on the music festival and David Gray was in it.

Sometimes I think its so funny what reminds me of Exeter.
Elle Fitzgerald reminds me Exeter and the little German Christmas market on high street.
The opening credits of The Office remind me of my dorm days in Lafrowda and those ugly brick walls.
Donnie Darko, Miss Potter, Breaking and Entering, The Holiday and so many movies remind me of Exeter Picture House and walking the long trek home at night in the drizzeling rain…I saw so many movies there..

Sometimes I catch myself having an Exeter moment…sometimes I really like remembering something I nearly had forgotten. Sometimes I wonder what the town will be like when I finally make my way back there? And I wonder if my vanilla steamer from Bostons will still be as good as I remember it? My only guess is my steamer will still be the best I’ve ever had and the town will still be as charming and funny as I remember it…


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