A New Computer?

Maybe…maybe a new computer.
I probably shouldn’t even be thinking about a new computer at the moment but I am.
My lovely laptop has lasted 5 yrs but its sick…the blue screen of death has been hitting more often and my operating system is way way way outdated and it won’t really hold a charge.
And although I could fix most of those it just makes more sense to buy a new one.
So last night I started looking for a desktop.
A desktop!
Thinking about buying a desktop makes me think I’ll stay in my parents basement forever but its just more bang for your buck.
Lets be honest I really have no idea what to look for in computers.
Now luckily I have a friend that knows all too bad he lives far far far away and can’t just handle it all for me.
He’s a PC man all the way but then I have this best friend and she wants me to be an Apple girl…DANG YOU CAROLINE…
I started looking at Apples and man I really really really kind of want to be an Apple girl too but they are so much more than I want and probably need.
This is why I hate shopping for certain things because my eyes start to get bigger and bigger and next thing you know I’ve blown my price range out of the water and have something I really didn’t need.
What to do what to do?
Any suggestions?


One thought on “A New Computer?

  1. liney says:

    GET THE APPLE ALREADY. you wont regret it

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