A year ago I started my teaching program. I always new the by this time this year I’d either be a real life teacher or I’d be a student teacher. So maybe it wasn’t in the cards for me to start my real life teaching position yet and honestly I’m fine with that. In a weeks time I start student teaching although I still have yet to know which school or grade I’ll actually be working at. Presently I’m a mess of emotions. I’m sure I should be nothing but excited but truth be told I’m not. Ok well I am but also really really really freaked out which I feel is probably a common emotion. The thing is in all my “job” experiences I’ve never really had to prove myself, I just go in do my thing and call it a day. But now with this new gig I’m really going to have to prove my self and I guess that’s what worries me. Oh and not to mention that come January I hope for there to be some great changes. All I really want is a teaching job, thats all. But January is not really the most popular time to be hiring. So oh my gosh whats going to happen? I’ve decided retail just can’t be an option, heavens I’m far to educated for that, plus it gives me very little satisfaction. (Ok I will actually allow myself to work Thanksgiving and Christmas if I so desire but after that its done) Today everything about the situation felt a little more real after I put in that my last day with current retailer will be next Friday. I was so happy but yet a little sad all at the same time. More than anything I want to think that everything will be fine and everything will work it self out and I do know this is true. I’ve always been watched over and never have gone with out but still you know how things sometimes have a way of panning out much differently than expected. I guess that’s really what I’m worried about things being drastically different than what I have loosely planned out in my mind. Anyways that’s just my little spill of emotion for the night…


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  1. liney says:

    I’m so excited for your next chapter!! Exciting times in your life!!! Your going to be a fantastic teacher!! Luv You!!!

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