Nearly There…

Friday is my last day of work at Nordies…there was always the option of working very part time during my student teaching but when I weighted it out in my mind I decided working 7 days straight everyday of the week probably wasn’t the best thing for my mental state.

OMG I am so happy. There have been many things that have been great about Nordies but I think its safe to say that its time to move onto something else.

Saturday I finally found about my teaching placement. I was a bit shocked! So my certification is 8-12 so naturally I assumed I would be hanging out in a hs. Well turns out I’ll be hanging out in 8th grade. Not going to lie at first I was really kind of disappointed because my ultimate goal is to be in the high school but I think 8th grade will be great too. Plus I loved my 8th grade history class, that was when I first realized who much I liked history that I was actually pretty good at it. So it will be exciting teaching it now. I start next Monday! I’ll be honest I am far less intimidated with the thought of teaching 8th graders than say 11th graders…well its actually not the teaching I’m really that worried about 11th graders, its the discipline.

Well I’m sure I’ll have so great stories to share with you in the near future.


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